Course curriculum

  • 1

    Emerald Theory - 1 Hour

    • Introduction to Emeralds and the Emerald Cut

    • History of Emeralds

    • Emerald Localities

    • Cutting and Polishing Theory

  • 2

    Perfect Emerald Cut - Hydrothermal - 2 Hours

    • Introduction

    • Preforming

    • Cutting the Crown

    • Polishing the Crown

    • Cutting the Pavilion

    • Polishing the Pavilion

  • 3

    Improvised Emerald Cut - Natural - 1.5 Hours

    • Setup and Preforming

    • Cutting the Crown

    • Polishing the Crown

    • Transferring the Stone

    • Cutting the Pavilion

    • Polishing the Pavilion

    • Undopping the Stone

    • Conclusion

Specialized Solutions Course Set

The next set of courses will grow your skills as a cutter by incorporating new designs as well as new solutions to common problems that we find in rough gem material. This course block will dive deep into pleochroic stones and their special needs, such as dark stones, emeralds, stones with a black or dark C-axis, as well as trichroic material.

  • Emeralds and the Emerald Cut

    Learn everything you need to know about cutting and improvising the emerald cut to fit your rough stone. WIth full knowledge of the emerald and it's different localities you can be confident in your emerald cutting.

  • Optimizing Black C-Axis Designs

    When you have an unattractive C-Axis color, you need a special cut to minimize the undesired color in the face-up view of the stone. Expand your design toolbox with this essential cutting style.

  • Orienting Trichroic Stones

    Discover the secrets of stones with three colors. In this course, you learn how to orient trichroic stone for the best face-up color and yield.

  • Dressing Up a Square

    Learn to get fancy with extra faceting patterns for square shaped stones. Uncover the princess and radiant cuts as a way to add brilliance to an otherwise boring outline shape.