Faceting Fundamentals

This first block of four courses teaches you all the essential skills you need to competently facet a stone: Understanding all the aspects of the handpiece machine, understanding how to manipulate the geometry of facets through the handpiece plate and cheater, polishing theory, wax dopping, glue transfers, and much more. These four courses and the designs that are cut in them serve as the foundation upon which the rest of the courses are built.

  • Faceting Foundations 1

    Discover all the essential information you need to get started as a gemcutter before beginning your first cutting project: the round brilliant.

  • Faceting Foundations 2

    Begin your second cutting project, the square step cut, while also learning more advanced foundational cutting techniques.

  • Hand Preforming

    Learn the traditional techniques for making the perfect hand-shaped outlines to prepare yourself for ovals, cushions, and fancy shapes.

  • Mastering the Mixed Cut

    Add to the techniques you've already learned during your next two projects, the oval and cushion mixed cuts, and complete your foundational training.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Oval Mixed Cut - 2 Hours

    • Introduction

    • Preform Analysis

    • Examining the Diagram

    • Introduction to Sintered Laps

    • Aligning to the Index Gear

    • Cutting the Oval Crown

    • Polishing the Oval Crown

    • Transferring

    • Cutting the Oval Pavilion

    • Polishing the Oval Pavilion

    • Undopping and Cleaning

  • 2

    Cushion Mixed Cut - 3 Hours

    • Introduction

    • Cutting the Crown

    • Polishing Crown

    • Transferring

    • Cutting the Pavilion

    • Polishing Pavilion

    • Conclusion