Course curriculum

  • 1

    Performing a Full Recut - 2.75 Hours

    • Introduction

    • Building the Design

    • Dopping

    • Reshaping the Stone

    • Cutting the Mains

    • Balancing the Mains

    • Cutting the Breaks

    • Cutting the Stars

    • Polishing the Mains

    • Polishing the Breaks

    • Polishing the Stars

    • Starting the Pavilion

    • Transferring the Stone

    • Finding the Angles

    • Finalizing the Three Tiers

    • Cutting the Pavilion

    • Polishing the Pavilion

    • Undopping

    • Conclusion

  • 2

    Repolishing a Crown - 1.25 Hours

    • Introduction

    • Dopping

    • Cutting the Table

    • Finding the Mains

    • Balancing the Mains

    • Finding the Breaks

    • Finding the Stars

    • Adjusting Stars and Breaks

    • Polishing the crown

    • Conclusion

Theory and Practice

The second set of courses will give you a foundation in the essential gemological knowledge that every gemcutter needs to know. In addition, you will learn the nuances of facet design through a training in the GemCutStudio faceting software. To complement this knowledge, you will also learn how to build designs on the fly as well as recut stones to improve their look and beauty. This set will give you an eye for perfection and subtlety in your design and cutting.

  • Gemology for Gemcutters

    A basic understanding of Gemology is a must for any cutter, so add a health dose to your lapidary knowledge.

  • Software Design Fundamentals

    In this course, you get an in-depth training in the GemCutStudio design software as well as design principles.

  • Radiating Rose Cuts

    Learn how rose cuts work in the most traditional manner as well as how to cut a free form rose cut for any outline shape.

  • Recutting and Repairing

    Learn the process of recutting a stone from re-dopping to finding new angles to repolishing a crown to go back in a setting.